Locked Up.

I hope one day I learn to trust myself & forgive myself for past mistakes.

My Journey to Finding Myself

So Daddy and I went out last weekend to a friend’s house…

And I had a melt down..

Does not happen that much I tend to keep negative emotions locked up inside. 

I almost never cry in front of others, and when I drink too much or listen to a sad song alone it bubbles up to the surface aka meltdown.

And I thought this might be a good blog post because I have read that Babygirls tend to have a lot of baggage.

Our optimism and innocence gets us into trouble, people take advantage of us.

And if I have this compulsion to keep the hurt, pain and negativity buried maybe other babygirls have the same problem.

I haven’t quite figured exactly why I do it and what it’s going to take to stop. 

What I do know is that Daddy wants to know what goes on inside of…

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